• Friday , 22 November 2019

2ha issue 02 out now


new Issue 2ha explores the relationship between photography and suburban space. Three essays respond to the intimate link between the medium of photography and the spaces we occupy.

Michael Hayes (editor) begins with the message of the medium, developing an argument that a uniquely photographic vision – defined by frame, limitations of the lens and a decentralised point-of-view – has shaped both the perception and making of suburban space.

Hugh Campbell (Dean of Architecture, UCD) presents an insight into the changing environment of urban America 1964-79 and how this shift from centre to suburb is reflected in the work of Garry Winogrand and Stephen Shore.

Martin McGagh (photographer) produces a visual essay of photographic work which contemplates young adults, as they move through the twilight of their childhood, in the context of the generic housing estates where they live.



2ha has recently been selected to feature as part of the international Archizines exhibition world tour. Archizines is a showcase of new architecture fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative to the established architectural press. The exhibition, curated by Elias Redstone, has already travelled to 21 cities including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan and Dublin. 2ha will join the exhibition in September with the first stop at the Lisbon Triennale.

2ha is an independent magazine interested in the suburbs. Issue 02 of 2ha is now available online  – and in selected stockists.

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