• Friday , 22 November 2019

2ha magazine – Fundit 2015

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2ha is a magazine interested in the suburbs.

Since starting out, 2ha have gathered together the research, writings and re-imaginings of many a suburban thinker – all with the aim of getting that bit closer to understanding the landscape of semi-ds, shopping centres and motorways which so many of us inhabit and yet which equally remains ignored or overlooked.

The magazine is a quarterly publication which takes each issue as an opportunity to explore suburbia and its relationship to a particular theme. So far they’ve covered a diverse range of subjects, from photography, cinema and language to typology, modernism and public space.

As part of their third and final volume, the 2ha team are planning a wide range of talks, tours and publications. If you’d like to get involved with the project and help make all of these great things happen, visit the 2ha Fundit page (http://fundit.ie/project/2ha-magazine-volume-3) and pick whichever reward you prefer.

More info about 2ha can be found at www.2ha.ie, or via the magazine’s tumblr and twitter: @2ha_magazine.

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