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3rd Annual Conference of All Ireland Architectural Research Group

3rd Annual Conference of All Ireland Architectural Research Group

University of Ulster, Belfast Campus, York Street, Belfast

23-25 January 2014

In its third annual conference, the All Ireland Architectural Research Group (AIARG) will build on previous year’s presentations of current architectural research in Ireland.  Intending a broad and inclusive spectrum of architectural research experiences present on the island of Ireland, this symposium aims to empower those engaged in research, to further enable research exchange and collaboration, and to position more clearly and more strongly our research in architecture, through architecture and about architecture.

This year’s conference will provide opportunities to continue the now established forum for the presentation and discussion of emerging research and, to foreground, in a special session of the conference, questions about the purpose, process and impact of contemporary architectural research in Ireland. For all presentations, we invite you to address issues of relevance, method and reception. In this, we hope to reach beyond the specifics of individual research topics and to focus on issues shared by all engaged in research, be it scholarly or practice-based.

Emerging Research, AIARG Conference 2014, University of Ulster

Clár /Programme

Keynote speaker: Shane O’Toole

Conference chairs

Taina Rikala, Belfast School of Architecture, University of Ulster

Alona Martinez Perec, University of Plymouth

Greg Keefe, SPACE, Queens University Belfast

Emily Smyth, Belfast School of Architecture, University of Ulster

Karen Fleming, Professor of Research, Research Institute Architecture and Design, University of Ulster

Hugh Campbell, Professor and Head of School, University College Dublin

Gary Boyd, SPACE, Queens University Belfast

Sarah Lappin, SPACE, Queens University Belfast

Ruth Morrow, SPACE, Queens University Belfast

Paul Clarke, Belfast School of Architecture, University of Ulster

Marianne O’Kane Boal, writer and art critic

Liam Kelly, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster


Thursday 23rd January


Wine reception and opening of Forum for Alternative Belfast exhibition ‘Belfast: missing city model’

+ Exhibition of RIBA President’s medals


Friday 24th January


Walking tour

Assemble at City Hall with Declan Hill



Registration and coffee /tea


10.00: Welcome and introduction to the conference and format of panel discussions

Ciaran Mackel

Special guest: Máirtín O’Muilleoir, Lord Mayor, Belfast


10.30 – 12.30

Room 1 – Panel 1

Civic Design I

Chair: Taina Rikala

Eva McDermott ‘Civic Design in Inherited Cityscapes’

Saul Golden ‘Seeking small change: exploring performative strategies for shared city space’

Siobhan O’Dea ‘Spatial analysis of pedestrian connectivity: a case study’

Suzanne Martin ‘A Question of Space’

Alex Milton, Suzanne Martin ‘Urban Myths’


10.30 – 12.30

Room 2 – Panel 2

Civic Design II

Chair: Alona Martinez Perec

Declan Hill ‘Why are there no trees?’

Michael O’Connor ‘Adaptive Re-Use’

Tiago Faria ‘Newfoundland: a project of representation’

Miriam Fitzpatrick ‘The Siren Call of Urban Critique: William H Whyte’

Deirdre Greaney ‘Visualising urban design conditions for sustainable social practices in urban centres’


10.30 – 12.30

Room 3 – Panel 3

Built Heritage: liveability


Fintan Duffy ‘The challenges to architectural conservation from lifestyle changes’

Neasa Harrigan ‘Exploring Chorography: one project and a methodology’

Peter Scanlon ‘Well-being of residents within the rural community’

Arthur Parkinson ‘Built Heritage at Ireland’s Rural –Urban Interface’

Gul Kacmaz Erk, Carole Pollard ‘Modern Movement in the Present: DoCoMoMo Ireland’


12.30 – 1.30


See map for range of local adjacent venues


1.30 – 3.00

Room 1 – Panel 4

Sustainable Construction

Chair: Greg Keefe

Nuala Flood ‘The architect and the emerging field of service design’

Tom Woolley ‘Architectural Research in the context of sustainable construction in Ireland’

Mike Haslam ‘Natural ventilation strategies as a design primer in near zero energy building’

Eoghan Conor O’Shea ‘Designing for all circumstances: developing universal design evaluation’

Orla McKeever, Kevin Gartland ‘education/research /practice: a case study’


1.30 – 3.00

Room 2 – Panel 5

The Making of Landscape

Chair: Emily Smyth

Sharon O’Brien ‘Verdure, Verdant Vistas and Hanging Woods’

Roisin McDonald, Sarah Lappin ‘The impact of rural designs on the quality of design of single houses’

Sophia Meeres ‘Reading the landscape – a biographical methodology’

Karen Foley ‘The woods and the trees: urban forestry and landscape aesthetics’

Deirdre McMenamin, Dougal Sheridan ‘The utility and aesthetics of landscape: a case study’


1.30 – 3.00

Room 3 – Panel 6

Urban Artefact

Chair: Karen Fleming

Laura Johnstone ‘The estates suburbs of Dublin and Cork’

Jane Larmour ‘A typological study of the architecture of baths and bathing in Ireland’

Brian Hamilton ‘Thomas Drew: a traditional architect’

Susan Galavan ‘Bankers and Builders: constructing nineteenth century Dublin’

Miriam Delaney ‘The Thomas Raven maps of 1612’


3.00 – 3.15

Coffee /tea


3.15 – 5.15

Room 1 – Panel 7

Re-Constructing the view

Chair: Hugh Campbell

Conversations between photography and architecture

Hugh Campbell ‘Unconscious Places: Thomas Struth and the architecture of the city’

Alice Clancy

Roseanne Lynch

Colm Moore

Paul Seawright


3.15 – 5.15

Room 2 – Panel 8

Built Heritage: context as understanding

Chair: Liam Kelly

Michael O’Sullivan ‘The Evolution of Doneraile Demesne’

Martin McKeith ‘The 19th century Irish Roman Catholic Diocesan Campus’

Peter Carroll ‘The City Within the City’

Tom Spalding ‘Finding Cork City’s Hidden Georgian Details’

Philip Crowe ‘Patrick Geddes as Social Ecologist’

Logan Sisley ‘The Civic Exhibition 1914’

Brian Ward ‘With a certain generous sympathy: CR Ashbee’s New Dublin’


5.15 – 6.00

Wine reception


6.00 -7.00

Keynote address

‘The Value of Architectural Culture’

Shane O’Toole



Conference meal


Saturday 25th January


Walking tour

Assemble at City Hall with Declan Hill



Registration and coffee /tea


10.00 – 12.00

Room 1 – Panel 9

Academia /practice /agency

Chair: Michael Corr

Mark Hackett ‘Shared Space: The Belfast Experience’

Blaithin Quinn ‘Shaping Space: engaging with architecture – emerging issues’

Javier Burón ‘Self-Build and the Maker Movement’

Augustina Martire, Tom Cosgrove ‘Polyark Returns: from Lima to Belfast and back’

Greg Keefe ‘Super suburbia: local empowerment and closing resource cycles in north Belfast’

Michael Hayes ‘2ha.ie’


12.00 – 1.15

Room 1 – Panel 10

Architecture: experience and value I

Chair: Gary Boyd

Jason O’Shaughnessy ‘Architecture Middling’

Kevin Donovan ‘Resisting things: Francis Ponge and Jean Prouvé

Jan Frohburg ‘…in the details’


12.00 – 1.15

Room 2 – Panel 11

Architecture: experience and value II

Chair: Sarah Lappin

Dervla MacManus ‘Approaching the Experience of Architecture’

Tanja Poppelreuter ‘Sensations of space and Modern Architecture’

Emmett Scanlon ‘Measuring and Knowing the Value of Architecture in Ireland’


12.00 – 1.15

Room 3 – Panel 12 (3 presentations)

Media and beyond


Gul Kacmaz Erk ‘Student Films: at the intersection of theory and practice’

Paul Bower ‘Beyond Post-Conflict Architecture – posters’

Anna Ryan ‘Beyond in Bohane: language, topography and urban-ness on the west coast of Ireland’

Jackie Holt, Declan Hill ‘The tallest building in Ireland: touching the ground’


1.15 – 2.15


See map for range of local adjacent venues


2.15 – 3.45

Room 1 – Panel 13 (3 presentations)

The Educational Experience

Chair: Ruth Morrow

Sarah Sheridan ‘Education, Environment and Experience’

Sarah Mulrooney ‘Revolutionary Pedagogy’

Sima Rouholamin ‘Playing with Architecture: a pedagogical approach’

Alexsandar Kostic ‘Design by Research – Research by Design’


2.15 – 3.45

Room 2 – Panel 14

Dwelling I

Chair: Paul Clarke

Dougal Sheridan ‘Translating Housing: Berlin-Belfast Housing Research’

Susan Dawson ‘Tensions between density, quality, economy and aspirations for home’

Michael Pike ‘Inside-Out: the practical logic of Coderch’


2.15 – 3.45

Room 3 – Panel 15

Dwelling II

Chair: Marianne O’Kane Boal

Stephen Browne ‘Slum Cities and their Emergent Grain’

Derville Murphy ‘Commonage: a case study’

Emma Geoghegan, Hollie Kearns ‘Nimble Spaces’



Closing Remarks

Professor Peter Walker, Head of School, Belfast School of Architecture, University of Ulster

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