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AAI Lecture: Lawrence and Long Architects


The Architectural Association of Ireland presents a lecture by Lawrence and Long Architects in the second installment of this year’s lecture series.

Date: 26.11.2015

Time: 19:15

Venue: Joly Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin

Joe Lawrence and Pierre Long graduated from University College Dublin in 1994 and 1992 respectively, and founded Lawrence and Long Architects in 2005 following periods of work in Paris, London, the United States, Australia and Dublin. The practice aspires to produce work of high quality and significant architectural merit, distinguished by a strong understanding of materials and masterful detailing. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of residential projects, retail, office and commercial spaces, often with strong elements of architectural conservation work. Their output extends beyond just the small and finely crafted to larger buildings and ideas, they have been premiated in a number of international architecture competitions including the National Museum of Afghanistan. Their professional activities have a wide focus, Joe is a Grade 2 Conservation Architect, while Pierre is a permanent tutor in University College Dublin since 2002, teaching Building Technology.


This lecture is part of the AAI Irish Design 2015 Lecture Series: Contemporary Irish Architecture, a series of 5 lectures generously supported by Irish Design 2015. This lecture is kindly facilitated by the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Trinity College Dublin.


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