• Saturday , 16 November 2019

Exhibition – Alone Together

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Exhibition Run: 8 December until 31 January 2018

Venue: Powercourt Townhouse Centre, 59 William Street, Dublin 2

“Alone together” is an exhibition by Ste Murray, an architectural and performance photographer based in Dublin. Ste is a keen observer of both person and context, and how they shape and redefine each other. This exhibition stems from a journey made in fragments. It is the result of work gathered from years of global stumbling. A limited number of prints will be available for purchase, as well as on the new online shop: www.ste.ie/prints

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm
Thurs: 10-8pm
Sat: 9-6pm
Sun: 12-6pm

For more info, contact: studio@ste.ie


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