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On Altering Architecture: Fred Scott

Fred Scott On Altering Architecture Thursday, 5 May 2016, 5.30pm Room CG-042, Main Building, University of Limerick

School of Architecture, University of Limerick (SAUL) presents a special lecture by Fred Scott, author of On Altering Architecture. Scott has been visiting professor of interior architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, was previously teaching at the AA in London, and course leader for interior design at Kingston University.

Scott’s book explores the alternative to the sequence of demolition and new building that makes up the usual practice of architects. Early on at Kingston he coined the central question of interior or interventional design, which is the question of what degree of alteration – spatial, material and surface – is legitimate. The question of empathy between the new and the existing then becomes paramount. The work of alteration can be thought of as translating a building from the past into the future. In illustrating this the book draws parallels with similar activities in other fields, with translation in poetry, transcription in painting and with transposition in music. In addition, it seeks to make clear that work on an existing building is often in the wake of others who have worked on it before, and precedes others who will work on it afterwards. Aside from the issue that usually prompts the work, that is the fitting of a new occupation into a building, the work of intervention can therefore be considered as a dialogue across time between successive generations of designers, and as such as work in continuous progress. For further information email sylvia.carroll@ul.ie.

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