• Tuesday , 19 November 2019

Architectural Farm / Project Jura


Last summer Architecture Ireland interviewed Architectural Farm following their success in the 2014 RIAI Irish Architecture Awards Emerging Practice category.

In June 2014 the Irish firm, gathered alongside a group of international architectural offices (originally brought together by Wallpaper* magazine as part of the Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2014) for the design of 6 forest cabins in Jura, Switzerland.

6-The Bench-Anonymous + BXBstudio + Architectural Farm + Loic Picquet

Architectural Farm collaborated on two projects together with US firm Anonymous, the French Loïc Picquet Atelier Architecture, and Polish firm BXBstudio; to design innovative unique wilderness accommodation in the forests of Jura. Each cabin will be a unique design from a different studio or team and an outcome of the group’s creative collaboration.

The project was officially presented to the Swiss Press in early June, and has since been published in numerous publications and television programmes internationally.

Completion for the project is planned for 2017.


More can be seen on the projects here.

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