• Tuesday , 12 November 2019

Architecture Thesis Symposium


The 5th Annual Architecture Thesis Symposium takes place in Cork on Monday 1 February 2016. The event will profile emerging new architectural talent and will involve a showcase of design thesis projects completed in 2015. Hosted by CCAE – Cork Centre for Architectural Education, the event is open to all students of architecture, professionals, academics, and related arts disciplines. It will be of interest to anyone involved in the development of emerging design practices and in the wider cultural development of new spatial and theoretical investigations.

Each of the seven Schools of Architecture throughout Ireland have nominated two outstanding student projects, which will be presented and discussed within the symposium setting. It is intended that the presentations will take place in small seminar groups, with an ancillary gallery exhibition of the projects.

A planned evening event will take place where students from each school can interact informally, and there is a hope of offering some accommodation for those students travelling longer distances. Further details will be announced on a Facebook page which has been set up to distribute all further information with regard to the event. This can be found at facebook.com/archthesissymposium.

Times of Event: 10:30am-5.00pm

Location: Cork (venue to be announced)

Email: thesissymposium@gmail.com

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