• Tuesday , 12 November 2019



Official opening on Culture Night

Friday 16 September, 5.30pm-9.00pm at 9-10 Copley Street Cork

Viewing from 16- 24 September, 11.00am-4.00pm (excluding Sunday)

This year the Cork Centre for Architectural Education (UCC, CIT) Master of Architecture students have been considering Athens under the thematic title Endless City. Whilst initially considering the paradox that Athens is somehow both a European ‘prototype’ for architectural, political, and sociological systems, at the same time the contemporary city is one that has suffered significant collapse with a devastating impact on its citizens.

The design projects presented might be thought compelling in the way that they have had to contend with a range of emerging and complex problems across a wide spectrum of discourse. There is a distinct sense that new possibilities in which to embed architectural projects within a city are under question, which suggests the development of new forms, new time-based horizons and new archaeologies that challenge the otherwise familiar term of ‘contextualization’. Each project is configured as a provocative response to these challenges. There is a sense that the projects might carry something vital about how architecture might respond to the contemporary crises that effect Athens, Greece and the EU. The exhibition of these projects offers the wider public an opportunity to experience these shifts and oscillations in contemporary Athens – making it understandable why we consider it as a living laboratory.

For further information see ccae.ie or contact Jason O’Shaughnessy MArch Programme Director on (0)21 429 8432


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