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Beyond Participation


Film screenings | Conference | Conversations

Beyond Participation is a series of screenings, conversations and an international conference by the Irish Architecture Foundation and funded by The Matheson Foundation.

Participation in architecture is an acknowledgment that design is a conversation in which many people contribute. As a starting point we are taking as a given that participatory practice has a value, this has been proven time and time again through case studies and testimony. An increased interest in participation has already redefined what architecture is in the 21st Century. By moving Beyond Participation the future of architecture can open up to exciting new possibilities.

Emceed by Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism at Architecture and Design Scotland, the 7 international speakers from the US, Europe and Ireland will present different ways of practice, revealing the challenges and barriers, the necessary creative tensions that lead to discovery and enlightenment. The choice of speakers is selected for their propensity in questioning the norm, their reinvention, activism and innovation. The case studies will present a diverse range of themes from open source design, gender, ethnicity, technology, to harnessing local skills and will cover projects from housing, health, education and public space.

We aim to inspire and educate an audience of architects, planners, urbanists, designers, policy makers, developers and community activists and interested publics to make change in the built environment through democratic and participatory means.

Beyond Participation is curated by Nathalie Weadick and Rebecca Blake from the IAF and Tara Kennedy (Tara is supported by the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary Award 2015: Collaborative Arts and Architecture managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts in Ireland).

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7 / 8/ 9 June
1pm to 6pm – IAF HQ, 15 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1
Free, first come first served

7 June, Walters Way followed by Case Studies NL

Walters Way is a short documentary investigating the pioneering self-built street designed by Walter Segal in Lewisham. Directed by Phineas Harper. Length: 10min

Case Studies NL is a research project that portrays a kaleidoscope of seven Dutch housing developments which all have adaptability and participation of the inhabitants as their core concepts. Length: 95 min.

8 June, Beyond The Building followed by Precise Poetry

Precise Poetry is a film about famous Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, who created poetry through architectural precision. Told in a series of interviews in Portuguese with English subtitles on the eve of her 100th birthday, Bo Bardi’s colleagues and friends recount the sociopolitical constraints and personal events that would lead to the timelessness of her work. Directed by Belinda Rukschcio. Length: 55 min

9 June, Beyond Building followed by Design as a Social Act

Design as a Social Act: This trilogy of films shows how the social upheavals of the 1960s  led to the development of social approaches for designing the built environment.
This documentary draws on ten oral history interviews with designers and researchers of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Produced and Directed by Ayda Melika and Susanne Cowan. Length: 75 min

Conference & line-up 

16 June 2016, 10am-6pm
The Light House Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin 1
After-party 6pm-19.30pm

09.45 Welcome Nathalie Weadick IAF and Diarmaid Lawlor MC

10.00 Relational Urbanism are the winners of the Play Park Ballyfermot design competition led by IAF. They are a multidisciplinary office practicing architecture, urbanism and local development. It focuses on identifying main questions relating social, environmental and development issues, which they respond to with particular collaborative design approaches. Relational Urbanism works extensively in academia, in practice and research with Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Bartlet UCL.

11.00 Grainne Hassett is an award winning architect and senior lecturer at SAUL. The Calais Builds is a project led by Grainne since 2015. By Matching people, funds, sponsorship drives and architecture and building skills she has built some of the key community infrastructure at Calais Refugee Camp including a women’s and childrens’ centre, a therapy and community space, a vaccination unit and youth centre.

12.00 Irena Bauman, Architect and author of ‘How to be a happy architect’ and Professor of Sustainable Urbanism at University of Sheffield. Her practice explores ‘ways of being’ with the profession for example, working locally within a two hour distance to the office and working 5 days in 4 having a day for explorative research.

13.00-14.00 Interval & food by Jennie Moran’s Luncheonette

14.00 Christian Benimana, Director of the African Design Center for MASS design Group based in Boston. MASS work across three continents with projects spanning the design of buildings, research, policy, education, and strategic planning. Their work seeks to provide infrastructure, buildings, and the human and physical systems necessary for growth, dignity, and well-being. Founders of the Lo-Fab movement harnessing local innovation, skills, labour and ideas.

15.00 Dominic Stevens and Claire McManus of Open Architects are collaborating on social housing scheme with a local authority in Dublin, the first of it’s kind in Ireland, that will be driven by the needs of people and not the market. It’s a new model of development, a public and private partnership resulting in a social project that empowers people and removes housing from the market.

16.00 Alastair Parvin is a designer and civic entrepreneur based in London, UK. He is the co-founder of WikiHouse Foundation and a member of strategic design group 00. He is currently working on better housing systems, democratic cities & technology made by and for everyone.

17.15 Tara Kennedy witness writer closing comments

Tara Kennedy, awardee of the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary Award 2015 with Create, is the witness writer for the day and will deliver closing comments with Diarmaid Lawlor MC.

17.30-19.30 Afterparty

Drinks and conversations in the Light House Cinema.

Tickets (see FAQs)

€25.00/€20.00 (Student, IAF member/discount) conference, food and afterparty admission

€35.00/€30.00 conference, food, afterparty and one workshop admission

Beyond Participation Conversations

28 / 29 / 30 June

4pm to 6pm – IAF HQ, 15 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1

In the weeks following the conference on 28, 29 and 30 June the IAF will deliver 3 conversations influenced by Beyond Participation in our new space 15 Bachelors Walk which will aim to expand the discussion about participatory design to a more targeted and local audience, exploring how to practice? how to build? and how to fund? participatory architecture projects in Ireland. They will cover essential local issues around housing, public and educational space and philanthropy. These smaller focused conversations will be for groups of 25 people.

28 June – Beyond Participation – How to practice?

How to Practice will address the issues, barriers, challenges and rewards involved in embarking on a participatory design project in Ireland. The session will be led by Tara Kennedy who is currently engaged in the Arts Council’s research bursary for Collaborative Arts and Architecture managed by Create.

Line up to be announced soon

29 June – Beyond Participation – How to build?

How to build will look at Irish case studies of projects that have been realised through a participatory design process.

Line up to be announced soon

30 June – Beyond Participation – How to Fund?

How to fund will explore a selection of Irish built environment projects that have been set up and realised through a range of innovative funding and resourcing models.

Line up to be announced soon

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