• Sunday , 8 December 2019

CCAE Master of Architecture Graduate Show 2015


This year’s Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE) Master of Architecture graduate show, DRIFT[C]ITY will present visitors with an array of drawings, models and films describing student design proposals for the cities of Berlin and Prague.

‘The acts, reflection(s) upon, and the innumerable reconfigurations of the ‘self’ that travel promises to provide us, once again provided a centre for our own ‘launching out’ during this last year. Like Beckett, who initially felt “very dubious” as he set sail from Cobh to Hamburg aboard the S.S Washington in 1936, we had to similarly reassure ourselves that ‘it’ – Germany (and in our case the Czech Republic) were at least not entirely ‘unknown’ (GD, 29 September 1936). With their innumerable histories and layers of social and cultural strata, the cities of Berlin and Prague (and indeed the journey between) offered immense opportunity to situate an architectural project(s). Sometimes drifting, sometimes alert, and oscillating somewhere between the experiential and the speculative, our aim was to challenge what may seem familiar and a priori, and instead build an entirely new epistemological project base as part of our year-long architectural investigation(s).’

The exhibition will be open until Friday 25 Saturday at Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE), 9/10 Copley Street, Cork.

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