• Wednesday , 13 November 2019

Central Buildings: a History of Building Community in Limerick City


The architectural mysteries of Central Buildings, 51a O’Connell St, Limerick City are revealed in this exhibition of drawings, photographs and models. The boldly-coloured edifice has been the home of the Christ Church Community Project since 2013 and continues to offer services to a wide variety of Limerick-based community endeavours. A combination of Georgian period Gothic Revival and 1930s Art Deco styles, the property has also been the home of Christ Church United Presbyterian & Methodist since 1973. Amid a busy schedule of exhibiting local artists’ work, Central Buildings’ own art venue, the CB1 Gallery, takes a moment to make good its Limerick connections and calls together the work of Year 2 of the School of Architecture at University of Limerick (SAUL), SAUL senior lecturer Peter Carroll and architectural historian Emma Gilleece.
With plans to run again next year, the exhibition is open this month from Monday 22 to Wednesday 31 August, 11.00am to 17.00pm. Complimentary refreshments are available at the counter and all donations (gratefully received) will be given to Methodist Home Mission to keep the Central Buildings Community Project running.
For further details email vickilynch@eircom.net.

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