• Thursday , 5 December 2019

CoHousing Here!


CoHousing Here! is a vital discussion about resident-led housing, architecture, community and affordability, taking place at Dublin Castle on 14 June and at TU Dublin School of Architecture on 15 June.

Bringing together innovators, policymakers and activists it challenges us to think about participative design, innovative home and community building, democratic urban planning, and agency for residents in the creation of their homes.

CoHousing Here! aims to inform the Irish public in regard to alternative, socially and environmentally sustainable housing models, which encourage and facilitate diversity, adaptability and community development. CoHousing Here! is designed to inspire Irish people as to the possibilities for participating in and contributing to high quality diverse urban neighbourhoods, as well as the potential for self-organised development.

CoHousing Here! brings together speakers from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, the UK and Ireland who will approach themes of collaboration, participation and social agency in cohousing. For a full schedule of speakers and topics, please visit soa.ie.

This event is hosted by Self Organised Architecture.

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