• Friday , 15 November 2019

Designing Housing to Meet the Needs of All – A Roadmap


www.housingforall.ie is a website which provides a pathway and links to the information required to enable you to easily understand and access, in a structured way, the standards and guidance required to ensure that every person has a home that is appropriate to their needs.

It provides an overview and links to existing guidance, references and legislation on designing to meet the needs of all, including:

• Guidance and links on adapting an existing home or designing a new home for a person with a disability.

• An overview and links to the Building Regulations as they apply.

• An overview and links to guidance on designing homes to Universal Design standards.

• An overview and links to design guidance that addresses specific needs, including:

– designing wheelchair accessible housing.

– designing housing to suit older people.

– designing for people with dementia.

– designing for people who have a sensory impairment.

– designing for people with a mental health condition.

– designing for people with autism.

• An overview and links to guidance on the design of the public realm.

• An overview and links to guidance on the use of assistive technology.

• An overview and links to guidance on commonly used design terms and concepts.

• An overview and links to Government policy and legislation.

• Links to external websites and publications that will provide you with detailed information, guidance and case studies.

The website was produced by the Housing Agency and will be updated on a regular basis. A hard copy of the roadmap can be downloaded from the website.

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