• Wednesday , 13 November 2019

Drawing for Landscape Architects: Construction and Design


Date: Wednesday 16 March at 6.30pm
Venue: Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

The lecture is free and all are welcome. Please RSVP to ili@irishlandscapeinstitute.com.

Few other professions can match landscape architecture’s requirement to represent and communicate graphically so much content and so many ideas. From large-scale master-plans and strategic visions, design concepts and outdoor experiences, to specific vegetation and precise construction details – at some point everything has to be explained on paper. Even in the age of digital media, orthographic projections and blackline drawings are still staples of the profession. In this presentation, Professor Sabrina Wilk will look at approaches to landscape architectural representation, hand drawing and sketching, with a view to exploring graphic styles that are both instructional and inspirational.

Speaker bio:

Professor Sabrina Wilk is a Landscape Architect and Lecturer on planning and design projects, and author of Drawing for Landscape Architects: Construction and Design Manual. Sabrina became Professor for architectural graphics, drawing and visualisation at the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan in 1999 and has lectured in landscape architecture programmes at the University of Greenwich and University College Dublin at undergraduate and graduate levels. As part of her work as a landscape architect, Sabrina has become specialised in design, illustration and visualisation, working on projects and international competitions for landscape firms in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. She also provides specialty workshops in landscape architectural graphics and drawing for professional offices.

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