• Wednesday , 13 November 2019

Dublin Strolls: Exploring Dublin’s Architectural Treasures


Shelbourne Hotel by Gregory Bracken

Dublin Strolls, RIAI exhibition space, 19 April (launch) until  3 May.

‘Dublin Strolls’ is a new exhibition at the RIAI of drawings by Dr. Gregory Bracken, who graduated in architecture from DIT Bolton Street and is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Theory Section of the Architecture Department, TU Delft. Bracken has written and illustrated a series of architectural guides including London, Paris, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore. The exhibition is based on his new book Dublin Strolls: Exploring Dublin’s Architectural Treasures, written with his sister Audrey Bracken.

Coinciding with the exhibition, Gregory Bracken will deliver a free public walking tour of Dublin’s architectural development from its medieval period to the expansion in the 17th and 18th centuries and until the early 20th century, on 19 April. The walking tour is available for booking here.

As we rush around Dublin city, we tend not to spare a second thought for the buildings that form the familiar background to our days. However, each of these spaces has its own fascinating history; many have borne witness to iconic events, and most have been home to intriguing characters. Our capital city is the perfect size to walk around, and now a new guidebook invites visitors and curious locals alike to emulate Joyce’s Leopold Bloom in strolling through the streets.

For further information on the exhibition, please email info@riai.ie.


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