• Sunday , 17 November 2019

Ecological Building Systems Focus on Retrofit


Ecological Building Systems have updated their training programme for the winter/autumn season. Along with their award winning Airtightness Installer Training, the company will launch a new training course, Low Energy Retrofits. To coincide with this Ecological will be also holding a Retrofit Insulation Masterclass on 25 and 27 October. The masterclass will be held in conjunction with their German partners Pro Clima & Calsitherm. The event offers a unique opportunity for architects, builders and planners to speak to senior technical engineers from Calsitherm and Pro Clima and discuss how to combine the optimum level of thermal performance in retrofits with a healthy living environment. The Masterclass will focus on the latest developments in delivering high performance, healthy low energy retrofits.

Every country within the EU must have a national renovation strategy in place before April 30 2017 under revisions to the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in September this year. In Ireland residential buildings account for 27% of Irelands total energy use and 12% of carbon emissions.  Niall Crosson, Senior Engineer with Ecological states, ‘Retrofitting thermal insulation in buildings presents a unique opportunity to significantly reduce heat losses, improve comfort and reduce fuel bills. Retrofitting thermal insulation and airtightness in buildings can lead to numerous challenges however. Unforeseen consequences such as condensation, mould growth, building damage and a reduction in indoor air quality can occur by using inappropriate materials and poor execution of detailing at the planning and building phase. The aim of our Retrofit Masterclass and new Low Energy Retrofit training course is to raise awareness among building professionals and homeowners that while energy efficiency is important, this should not be to detriment of building durability and indoor air quality.’

The Masterclass will be opened with a Keynote address by Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal, Damien English T.D.

Dr.-Ing. Gregor A. Scheffler, Managing Director of Dr. Scheffler & Partner GmbH Dresden http://www.ib-scheffler.de/home/ will also present the latest guidance in relation to thermally upgrading solid walls and minimising the risk of condensation and mould growth. He is a member of the national standardisation committee (DIN) on moisture & also a member of the WTA, head of Technical Commission 6 – building Physics. He has experience on many projects and has also authored several national and international publications in the field of moisture transport modelling and building physical applications with a particular focus on internal insulation.

Michael Foerster, Head of Applications Technology with Pro Clima, will also deliver a series of seminars outlining the application of diffusion open airtightness and windtightness solutions in retrofitting walls and roofs.

Patrick Porth, technical consultant with Calsitherm will also provide a number of presentations in relation to the application of capillary active insulation and mould prevention in retrofitting buildings.

Bookings for both the Retrofit Masterclass and the Low Energy Retrofit Course can be confirmed on www.ecologicalbuildingshop.ie. For further details please contact Ecological Building on 046 9432104.

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