• Thursday , 5 December 2019

Emerging Dublin Architects Shortlisted for the Austrian Pavilion at EXPO 2015

Emerging Dublin-based design practice, Y design workshop, has been shortlisted for the Austrian Pavilion at EXPO 2015

The proposal submitted by Greg Dubiel in collaboration with architect Tom Hunt was one of seven projects shortlisted to the second stage in an open international architectural competition for the Austrian pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan.  The competition sought to find an innovative design for the architecture of the pavilion, and a creative idea for the exhibition theme incorporating the message of the 2015 EXPO: “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” .


Harvest Festival

The shortlisted pavilion was conceived to house a festival of joy and hope, a sensory experience bringing us back to our agrarian roots. It will also become a place of meaningful and engaging education where directions for future development are mapped out.

The Symbol of the Wheat Sheaf

The wheat sheaf – a symbol of strength, unity, life, fertility and essential nutrients is the inspiration for the building form. The sheaf signifies abundance, closeness to the earth and her resources. It  also stands for strength and power, because bound together, the wheat strands are strong and resilient. The themes of fertility and unity send a clear message of the need for cooperation in the fight to address the great imbalance in access to food supplies around the world.


100% Organic
The organic form of the pavilion is achieved by using “organic” materials and an “organic” method of construction. The proposal seeks to minimise the overall environmental impact, the carbon footprint and energy consumption of the building. Acknowledging that the pavilion is a temporary structure, the focus has been placed on three main principles:  passive design,  maximum use of environmentally friendly, low CO2 and recyclable materials and minimum energy consumption in use. The structural concept is based on a series of primary timber frame ribs. The external skin is created from stretched natural fibre ropes which provide shade for the exhibition rooms and open spaces within. The individual exhibition room pods are covered with soft textile fabric and filled with recycled blue denim insulation.

The Expo 2015 will be an extraordinary universal event, displaying tradition, creativity and innovation in food and agriculture.

For further information see the y-website


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