• Thursday , 12 December 2019

Exhibition – Phoenix Rising at the Hugh Lane Gallery


This exhibition and related events explore the current place of civic ideals in urban life and contemporary art practice. It references Dublin’s 1914 Civic Exhibition which was inspired by the work of Scottish biologist, sociologist and planner Patrick Geddes and which attempted to re-imagine Dublin as “the phoenix of cities” during a period of economic, social and political strife. The 1914 Civic Exhibition was held in the former Linen Hall and featured diverse exhibits and entertainments and a related summer school.

Curated by Logan Sisley, the 2014 exhibition presents contemporary artists’ responses to the urban environment, using different strategies to understand and represent the city. It includes work by Stephen Brandes (see image below), Mark Clare, Cliona Harmey, Vagabond Reviews, Stéphanie Nava and Mary-Ruth Walsh.

Phoenix Rising takes place following another time of economic crisis and reflects a recent re-emergence of the term ‘civic’ in public debate.

An accompanying newsletter presents research generated in the lead-up to and during the exhibition. Forthcoming events, from January to March, include Coffee Conversations with participating Artists Mary-Ruth Walsh, Mark Clare, Vagabond Reviews and Stephen Brandes; and film screenings. See Hugh Lane for details and timetables.


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