• Thursday , 12 December 2019

Grafton Architects receives Alumni Award

UCD Alumni Awards 9 President of UCD Prof. Andrew Deeks, Shelley McNamara, Yvonne Farrell and Dean of Architecture, Prof. Hugh Campbell

The achievements of Grafton Architects and adjunct professors at UCD, Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, were recently recognised at the UCD Alumni Awards 2015 in the Architecture category.

The UCD Foundation Day Alumni Awards is an annual ceremony which took place this year on Friday 13 November. It continues a 160 year old tradition of honouring the founding of UCD in 1854. The black tie ceremony and banquet recognises the achievements of 13 of UCD’s outstanding alumni and hosts over 450 of its most distinguished graduates, friends and staff in O’Reilly Hall each November. Representing each programme in UCD, awards are presented in the following categories; Agriculture & Food Science, Architecture, Arts, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Science, Social Science and Veterinary Science. Continuing with the ten year tradition, the Foundation Day Medal is also presented to an outstanding alumnus, selected by the President of UCD.

Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell

Yvonne Farrell is renowned for her exceptional service to the field of architecture. Yvonne received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1974 from University College Dublin. With Shelley McNamara, she established Grafton Architects in 1977. Yvonne is a member of Group 91 Architects and a teacher at University College Dublin. She is also the recipient of numerous awards and has been published extensively internationally and exhibited in Dublin, London, Paris, Madrid and Zurich.

Shelley McNamara is credited for her distinguished service to the field of architecture. Shelley received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1974 from University College Dublin. With Yvonne Farrell, she established Grafton Architects in 1977. A member of Group 91 Architects, she has taught at University College Dublin since 1976 and has lectured in Britain and Jordan.

Together, Yvonne and Shelley have given back to their field through teaching future architects. They have been teaching around the world, including UCD, Harvard, and Yale. They have also been external examiners at numerous universities including Cambridge University and The London Metropolitan School of Architecture. They have lectured widely in European and American Schools of Architecture, including the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin and the Royal Academy in London.

Their practice has gained world renowned status in recent years, as they have designed award-winning buildings all over the world from Peru to France to Scotland and many in Ireland. In 2008 they won ‘World Building of the Year Award’ at the World Architecture Festival for the School of Economics at Milan’s Università Luigi Bocconi. Yvonne and Shelley were awarded the Architect’s Journal Jane Drew Prize in February 2015 for their ‘massive influence’ on the architectural profession.

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