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Heritage Week Walking Tour: celebrating Dublin’s 20th Century Architecture


Dublin Heritage Week Walking Tours

The Heritage Office of Dublin City Council have organised a series of free walking tours to mark Dublin Heritage Week 2016 (20-28 August) in addition to celebrating the recently published Volume I of More Than Concrete Blocks, led by Dr Ellen Rowley and researchers Merlo Kelly, Natalie De Roiste and Carole Pollard.


S.S George and Thomas, College of Catering, Garden of Remembrance

Guide: Merlo Kelly

Date: Saturday 20 August, 11am-1pm

Meeting point: Garden of Remembrance

Duration: 1.5 hours

Booking: Not required


Clontarf Promenade, Wind Shelters and the Bull Wall kiosks and bathing shelters

Guide: Carole Pollard

Date: Saturday 20 August, 11am-1pm

Meeting point: Circular Shelter to West of old Clontarf Baths- west of Oulton Road

Duration: 2 hours

Booking: Not required


Flat blocks and Cottages: North City Centre Housing, 1870-1970

Guide: Dr Eellen Rowley

Date: Saturday 27 August 2pm-3.30pm

Meeting Point: Outside 14 Henrietta Street

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Booking: Not required


The Architectural, Social and Commerical life of O’Connell Street

Guide: Natalie De Róiste

Date: Sunday 28 August, 2pm-3pm

Meeting Point: Under Clery’s Clock

Duration: 1 hour

Booking: Not required

For further information contact Charles Duggan, Heritage Officer, Dublin City Council on 01 222 2836 or email charles.duggan@dublincity.ie.



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