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Heritage Week 2017

Runs from Saturday 19 – Sunday 27 August 2017

National Heritage Week is coordinated by The Heritage Council and its aim is to build awareness and education about our heritage thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation. National Heritage Week is part of European Heritage Days. These are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union in which over forty countries participate each year. The main aim of European Heritage Days are to promote awareness of our built, natural and cultural heritage and to promote Europe’s common cultural heritage. Every year millions of Europeans visit historical monuments and sites throughout Europe on European Heritage Days. In Ireland we celebrate European Heritage Days with a full week of events throughout National Heritage Week.

Some of the free Architectural themed events on offer are;

Why Conserve Special Places?

Venue: The Heritage Council, Church Lane, Kilkenny City

Time: Thursday 24 August 1.15 – 1.45pm

Architecture Officer Colm Murray describes his his ‘take’ on the reasons why people take care of buildings, places and landscapes. Places for the lecture are on a first come, first served basis. Numbers are limited.

Further information: cmurray@heritagecouncil.ie


Architecture and Control

Venue: The Heritage Council, Church Lane, Kilkenny City

Time: Wednesday 23 August, 1.15 – 1.45pm

A discussion about historic architectural models for control; prisons, workhouses, shopping arcades and the panopticon model. How do these styles continue to influence architecture today?

For further information email hkearns@heritagecouncil.ie

To find more events around the country visit heritageweek.ie

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