• Thursday , 12 December 2019

Humanscale Lights Up London’s Clerkenwell Design Week

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During Clerkenwell Design Week, Humanscale shone a light on design by exploring how lighting and colour in workplace interior design can affect the emotional well-being and productivity of the workforce. A plethora of designers, architects and press stepped into the Humanscale showroom and immersed themselves into their products and events, and took the time to experience a specially commissioned light installation.

Founder and creative director of Cinimod Studios Dominic Harris shed some light on his past work and inspirations. Harris was given an open brief by Humanscale to create a light installation for Clerkenwell Design Week and chose to base his stunning designs on the Humanscale Element Disc task light. Inspired by the discs elegant shape and the similarity to his innovative Pacifico Chandelier, he created The Eclipse, a series of rings of lights that follows the movement of people through the space echoing the transition of a solar eclipse.

This was combined with talks by, Humanscale’s Global Director of Lighting Shane Cohen who talked informatively about the need to re-look at the way we light our working environments and look at dual source lighting at a much earlier stage in the design process. Combining overhead lighting with task lighting means there is less light wasted  in areas that do not require to be lit at all times, and the  energy is used where it is needed and controlled to the exacting needs of the end user.  Internationally renowned business colour and branding expert Karen Haller who is a leading authority in the field of applied colour psychology gave a fascinating insight into our reaction to colour and the different ways that we can harness the power of colour to support a productive, more motivated work force.

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