• Friday , 22 November 2019

IAF Opens The Everyday Experience at IMMA

Curated by Nathalie Weadick, Director of IAF, The Everyday Experience will reflect on the impact and practice of architecture and its effect on contemporary life. Weadick has invited a group of national and international artists, architects and cultural thinkers to investigate architecture and the subconscious.

The Everyday Experience will reveal how much of our interaction with designed and informal space is unconscious. The exhibition proposes that our experience of the built environment is so immersed in the everyday; that we live our lives almost unaware of its impact in how we negotiate and occupy our world.

The ambition of this unique exhibition is to critique the use, perception and production of the built environment from a variety of perspectives, each independent but connected to reveal the complex relationship between architecture and human experience.

The Everyday Experience will supplemented with a series of talks events, screenings, happenings, symposia and workshops.

Participating contributors

Pablo Bronstein (Artist AR) whose work is often concerned with the cultural production of architecture, is presenting Three Rare Chinese Items, 2009, which explores deception, taste and value in society. Celine Condorelli (Artist UK) a graduate of the Architectural Association London works with art and architecture, her light bulb installation The Company We Keep, addresses the historical exclusion of women, and references Hannah Arendt’s definition of culture as the company one chooses to keep.Culturstruction (Design Studio IRL) & Renate Henschke (Fashion and Costume Designer IRL) will produce a prototype called The Followers a seating unfolding into a circle that aims to subtly influence patterns of human behaviour and in use this seating enacts the interdependency of tension and support.

RUTA is a film by Cristian Manzutto(Film-maker MEX) of an art and architecture commission called Ruta del Peregrino, curated by Tatiana Bilbao (Architect MEX) and Derek Dellekamp (Architect MEX). It conveys how architectural objects in the landscape have become a powerful part of the everyday ritual of this significant route in Mexico. Tom DePaor (Architect IRL) & Peter Maybury (Artist IRL) are collaborating as Gall Editions on a film installation that explores monument and the status of ‘object’ as art, called These Islands about an unauthorised development on Achill Island. Kevin O’Brien (Architect AU) is taking a timber building tradition referred to as The Queenslander and turning its sentimental attachment on its head. Ciarán Ó Gaora (Designer IRL) will design miniature houses that connect scale, memory, emotion and experience.

John Gerrard (Artist IRL ) & A2 (Architects IRL) installation called Bench for Networking (Dunhuang) a raw concrete sheet structure that explores how surveillance is part of the everyday.  Chair as Landscape by Dominic Stevens (Architect IRL) presents a rural vernacular chair as re-arrangement of a hedgerow, symbolising man’s agency as he shapes landscape into houses and other things useful to him.  Urban Agency (Architects IRL/DEN)& Gregory Dunn (Artist IRL) explore the urban vernacular in their animated installation Playstation which is about informal insertions related to play in inner city Dublin. Urban Myths by Alex Milton (Designer UK based in Dublin) & Suzanne Martin (Designer UK) is an installation comprises of objects and images arranged on a large table-top, mounted on a pram chassis to reflect the ambiguous nature of the urban environment in north Dublin.

Alongside the exhibition there will be a series of films, written productions, workshops and performances. SET Collective (Archizine IRL) will take the form of a limited run, newsprint publication, produced specifically for The Everyday Experience. It will consist of three illustrated essays by Stephen Mulhall(nineteeneighty IRL), Tom Keeley (Range Editions UK) and Theo Simpson (Mass Observation UK), with accompanying Sunday matinee screenings in IMMA. Lisa Cassidy’s (Writer IRL) walking tours An Ordinary Place will consider the architecture of everyday life in the immediate surroundings of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, threading between the literal present and other points in time and space. Drawing on Life is a film by Paul Clarke (Architect IRL) and Conor McCafferty (Curator IRL) that follows architects in their daily practice, eavesdrops on their discussions and thoughts, their collaborations, their secret everyday world.

The Extraordinary Ordinary is a series of children and family events curated by Rachel McAree Education Curator at the Irish Architecture Foundation and the Education Department at IMMA.

The Everyday Experience is sponsored by Brehon Capital Partners and The Marker Hotel, and further supported by the Government’s Philanthropy Initiative.


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