• Sunday , 17 November 2019

Open House Dublin Competition ‘Imagine the Future’


The Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) have teamed up with The Irish Times to bring to organise an amazing competition. To celebrate the second year of The Irish Times DownstairsDublin for Culture Night on Merrion Square, and the 10th Birthday of Open House Dublin, which this year takes the theme of This Place We Call Home, the IAF are inviting you to imagine the future of Dublin.

How will we live? What might our city look like? How might the past transition into the future? The IAF invite entrants to ponder these questions it in just one minute on screen. It might be an iPhone video, a sketch-up, an animation, it could be something you’ve already been working on, or a full blown brand new extravaganza – in just one minute (up to a maximum of 90 seconds).

For more information, inspiration, and ideas on how the old can be made new, why not look at Shaping The Future from the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht’s Government Policy on Architecture, which places an emphasis on sustainable development and urban design and incorporates architectural heritage in an integrated manner. Here’s a little taste of what can be done in a minute long video from Irish Times: 24 Hours on O’Connell Street .

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