• Thursday , 17 October 2019

City Life: A Shared International Summer School

UCD Summer schoolWho owns the city? Who has a right to access it? How do we define spaces of overlap and contestation? What forces control the shifting landscape of the city? Why do some spaces become symbolic? Are there spaces which should be defended – for culture, or history, or diversity? How can design, planning and policy act effectively in the changing urban context?

The 2016 ‘City Life’ urban summer school, hosted jointly by University College Dublin (UCD) and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), will address these core questions. After a thoroughly successful pilot programme in 2015, UCD and NCAD are delighted to be hosting an expanded and updated summer school in 2016. Amidst the growing awareness of Dublin’s development as an urban space, there is still much to be learnt about the forces governing the city and its changing landscape. Using multiple disciplinary perspectives, participants will be challenged to create new narratives for Dublin which address and give voice and image to the hidden parts of the city.

The summer school will give participants from diverse disciplinary backgrounds the opportunity to observe and engage with the ongoing development of Dublin today. Because of the compact scale of the city and its cultural and political structures, and UCD and NCAD’s strong relationships to key cultural, social, and political institutions, the school will offer participants unparalleled access to the stakeholders currently negotiating Dublin’s response to global urban conditions. The programme will unfold over three weeks in July, moving from an early research and review stage through studio and workshop work, finally bringing ideas to fruition for dissemination through a public exhibition in the NCAD Gallery space.

ARCHITECTURE – Designing urban interventions guided by faculty from UCD Architecture, key figures in architectural practice and high-profile researchers.

CULTURE, MEMORY AND THE CITY – Investigating the relationship between memory and the city, through psychogeographic and critical writing practices.

INTERACTION DESIGN – A project-focused track to design, prototype and evaluate the interaction of the human and the digital in a real-world setting, while acquiring skills in physical computing.

SPATIAL ARTS AND VISUALISATION – (In collaboration with IADT) Pursuing temporal, spatial and critical visualization and representation of ‘Unseen Dublin’ through project-based work with expert support.

URBAN HISTORY AND MATERIAL CULTURE – Utilising design analysis, architectural history and material culture methods to explore the development, planning, architecture and everyday experience of Dublin.

The summer school will run for three weeks from July 11th – 29th, 2016.

Further details on registration, fees and accommodation, can be found on the UCD+NCAD Architecture Art Design Summer School leaflet.

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