• Tuesday , 19 November 2019

Irish Architecture Book Shortlisted by CICA



The International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) presents its shortlist for titles for the 2017 Book, Exhibition, Catalogue and Journalism Awards. One Hundred & One Hosannas for ArchitectureA Chronicle of Architectural Culture in Millennial Ireland by Shane O’Toole has been nominated under the category for the Pierre Vago Journalism Award. The publication of the book designed by Zero-G was sponsored by the RIAI, ARUP and Tegral. The architectural critic received an Honorary Fellowship from the RIAI in February of this year and it was also launched by Prof. Hugh Campbell in the RIAI on 8 Merrion Square.  The winners are going to be announced within the UIA World Congress Seoul 2017 at the CICA Symposium held on 4 September. The publication is priced at €20 each and is available to buy in the RIAI Bookshop.


The International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA has, since it was established in Mexico City in 1978, been closely associated with the World Congresses of the International Union of Architects.
The inaugural meeting of CICA was held in the Joan Miró Foundation in July 1979 when Prof. Bruno Zevi (Rome) was elected the first CICA President with Jorge Glusberg (Argentina), Julius Posener (Germany), Dennis Sharp (UK) and Pierre Vago (France) as Directors. The current President is Joseph Rykwert and CICA Board Members are François Chaslin (F), Manuel Cuadra (Germany), Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico), Süha Özkan (Turkey), and Yasmin Shariff (UK). CICA has held critical sessions since, in Warsaw, Cairo, Brighton, Rome, Vienna, Sydney, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, New York, London, Gelsen­kirchen, Beijing, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Kuwait, Vancouver, Torino, Tokyo, and Durban.



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