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Leading Lights in Irish Architecture Honoured by RIBA


On Monday 30 January Nathalie Weadick and Tom de Paor were amongst a group of twenty-nine international practitioners recognised  with Honorary International Fellowships to the RIBA. The event was marked by a keynote address from Peter St John of Caruso St John, the architects behind the 2016 RIBA Stirling Prize Winning Newport Street Gallery. 

RIBA Honorary Fellowships are awarded annually to people who have made a particular contribution to architecture in its broadest sense. This includes its promotion, administration and outreach; and its role in building more sustainable communities and  in the education of future generations. RIBA International Fellowships reward the particular contributions that non-UK architects have made to architecture. 

Image by Ste Murray
                                                    Image by Ste Murray

Nathalie Weadick is the Director of the Irish Architecture Foundationis committed to communicating the culture of architecture and urbanism to the public. Since 2007 she has led the development of Open House Dublin largest annual festival for architecture in Ireland and part of the Open House Worldwide family, which has seen audiences and the appreciation of architecture grown tenfold. Her programme directorship over recent years has generated new audiences, ideas, partnership and debate. 


Tom de Paor is one of the leading Irish architects of his generation. His work has featured fives times in the Venice Biennale; at the age of 33 in 2000 he was the first architect chosen to represent Ireland. He teaches in Dublin, London and Harvard. He has worked in collaboration with painters, sculptors, filmmakers in a restless campaign to keep his creativity engaged. 

The 2017 RIBA International Fellows are:

Iwan Bann, Neil Baxter, Patricia Brown, Martyn Evans, Marcus Fairs, Stephen Howlett, Razia Iqbal, Jeremy Melvin, Frédéric Migayrou, Christine Murray, Lars Müller, Jo Negrini, Ian Pritchard, Julian Robinson, Theresa Sackler, Sonia Watson, Nathalie Weadick, Johan Celsing, Izaskun Chinchilla, Frederick Cooper Llosa, Philip Cox, Francisco de Campos, Cristina Guedes, Tom de Paor, Bijoy Jain, Marie Jose van Hee, Reinhard Kropf, Vo Trong Nghia and Siv Helene Stangeland




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