• Tuesday , 10 December 2019

‘Love the Lanes’ is looking for ideas – until 22nd April

‘Love the Lanes’ is looking for new ideas and creative possibilities to help us rethink how we use the back lanes of Temple Bar. Over the years these lanes have fallen into disuse and have become magnets for anti-social behavior. Our goal is to reactivate these lanes for people to use and enjoy.

We are launching an open call out for new ideas from all kinds of people; designers, crafters, environmentalists, horticulturists, artists, entrepreneurs, local residents and businesses…anyone who wants space to develop their idea.

We are looking for new uses to prototype on-street this summer; from events, installations, design, recreation, play, markets, creative lighting to greening. Everything is possible but the city cannot do it alone.

Selected ideas will be trialled on Adair and Bedford Lanes, Copper Alley and Crampton Court in Temple Bar and may become permanent. We think these lanes have the potential to become great pedestrian spaces, to boost activity and feed into Temple Bar’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Ideas can be submitted HERE.

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