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MAD announce 2017 Travel Fellowship


MAD has announced the 2017 Travel Fellowship to architecture students from all around the world. Initiated first by Ma Yansong in 2009, this is the first year that the MAD Travel Fellowship will be open to architecture students globally. This year, fellowships will be granted to 10 students: five global architecture students will be sponsored for travel in China, and five architecture students of Chinese-nationality will be sponsored for worldwide travel.

Five mainland China students will have the opportunity to travel abroad, while five international students will have the opportunity to visit China. MAD believes it is only through travel – the visceral experience of interacting with, and being influenced by, different spaces – that one can begin to understand ideas of context and gain a deeper insight into architecture. Students should apply to the programme until May 14, 2017. The evaluation of works will be made by MAD founder Ma Yansong personally.

During the past 7 years, the programme has sponsored 35 students from universities across mainland China for their international architecture travels to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

World Architecture Community is media partner for the 2017 MAD Travel Fellowship and will publish winning student projects at the end of the fellowship period.

The application procedure involves a number of simple steps:

– Selected applicants must currently be an undergraduate or graduate architecture student;

– 500 word letter of intent:

a. Personal ideals and perspectives on architecture

b. Proposed travel destination(s) and site(s) of interest

c. Individual research topic.

– CV (profile including personal, education and contact information)

– Portfolio (a curated selection of the applicant’s work)

Please submit the above materials as one 6mb A4 PDF to travel@i-mad.com.

The application file should be named as follows: school_major_graduating year_name.pdf.

Do you want to know what happened in previous years for MAD Travel Fellowship? Then click here.

Application deadline: Sunday 14 May 2017 

Recipients announcement: 22 May 2017

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