• Tuesday , 19 November 2019

Model Architects: Understanding Maquettes, 13th March

Thursday 13th March 13:00
Gallery 1, Lewis Glucksman Gallery
Admission Free

As part of Folly: Art After Architecture, graduates from the Cork Centre for Architectural Education, University College Cork/CIT, produced models of the iconic buildings referenced in the exhibition. The maquettes represent such diverse architectural landmarks as Peter Zumthor’s Saint Benedict Chapel, Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa Bo Bardi.

These models provide an insight into the buildings that have informed and inspired the artworks throughout the exhibition. Model Architects invites the young architects who created these models to discuss the maquettes they made and the importance of model-making to the architectural process.

The model depicted above is of the E-1027 House by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici.The name of the house, E-1027, is a code of both architects’ names: ‘E’ standing for Eileen, ’10′ Jean, ’2′ Badovici, ’7′ Gray. It was made by Frankie Shier.

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