• Friday , 15 November 2019

New Janisol Arte steel window from Schueco Jansen

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KCC Architectural is an authorized partner for Schueco Jansen products in Ireland and is delighted to present Janisol Arte – a highly insulated steel window system. By specifying Janisol Arte, an architect can satisfy the concerns of local authority planners and building conservation officers while still ensuring that the building meets the strict energy-saving requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. A Janisol Arte window has a narrow face-width of just 25 or 40 mm, giving it the characteristic appearance of the slender Bauhaus-type glazing, so that in the majority of cases the system will be acceptable as a replacement window even if a building has been given listed status. Importantly, Janisol Arte combines structural elegance with impressive ‘U’ values of 1.6 W/m2K using standard Low ‘E’ double-glazed units. These values are the result of advanced technology which successfully combines high-grade steel with a unique thermal break material. In terms of energy efficiency, a Janisol steel window is currently the best in its class and has an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating. The Janisol Arte window system is available in side-hung, bottom-hung, inward-opening vents, and side and top-hung outward-opening vents. All opening vents are hung on butt hinges, while top-hung vents can optionally be fitted with friction hinges. There is also a double vent version, and additional structural profiles can be added to the mullions to allow large-scale and rigid combinations of fixed and opening lights without the need to compromise on narrow face widths. For further information about Janisol Arte and steel façade, window and door systems from Schueco Jansen, go to www.kccarchitectural.com or call us on 01 4567 421.

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