• Wednesday , 13 November 2019

Open House Dublin Photo Competition


Open House Dublin has paired up with Yelp Dublin​ for their photo competition on Instagram and Twitter. The competition is open to budding and experienced photographers of all ages.This year the focus of the competition is the buildings that are featured in the OHD 2015 programme. Open House Dublin 2015 will focus on the theme of domesticity and urban space, under the title of This Place We Call Home. Alongside an extensive programme of talks, tours, exhibitions and debates, it is the goal of the Irish Architecture Foundation to highlight the buildings of Dublin that have altered our vision of the city, shaped how we live now, and which might inspire new ways of living in the future. Now is the time to consider the kind of Dublin in which we wish to live, and sustainable, good quality housing is a key factor in this. This is the starting point for Open House Dublin: a consideration of housing, both as individual homes and as part of a much broader context we call urban fabric.

Competition Criteria:
Creativity, quality of photograph and relevance to the theme.

Prize Categories:
Best overall photograph.
10 Runners-up.
Other commendations awarded at discretion of Jury.

Prizes to be announced and Open House Dublin Photo Competition Jury to be announced.

To submit:
Upload your images to Open House Dublin’s page on Yelp, Twitter and Instagram and include the hashtag #openhousedublin

Upload max 3 photos anytime over the weekend and up to and until October 27 2015.

The top photographs will be selected by a panel jury, with the winner announced on Friday 6 November.

Closing date for entries: midnight October 27, 2015

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