• Thursday , 12 December 2019

Open Call for Prototype Festival – until 21st August


Protoype Festival, a weekend of playful design and novel interactions, is the brainchild in Project Art Centre artist-in-residence, Hilary O’Shaughnessy. They will be hosting the inaugural Prototype this October in Temple Bar in the Big Blue Building, and beyond.

Running over three days, the festival will invite local and international designers and artists to host a selection of games, exhibits and playful interventions. Prototype embraces the concept of play in all its guises: playful design, play as formal structures in games, playful technology and playful approaches to social interaction. Prototype likes videogames that don’t have screens, performances that are games, street games that build social networks, hardware that is soft and software that makes you dance. Projects that have at their core a desire to experiment and a healthy dose of rule-breaking are what make up Protoype.

Prototype are looking for your projects! They want workshops, projects, performances and games. Is your project cross-disciplinary? Does it use technology, space or language in a novel way? Does it engage people in new interactions? Do people look at it and ask ‘what is it?’ For the talk strand of the festival, speakers are welcome to discuss novel cross-disciplinary projects, playable cities and big, genre-busting ideas.

To submit a project, follow this link.
Closing date for submissions is midnight 21 August.

Please direct any enquiries* to prototypedublin14@gmail.com.

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