• Tuesday , 12 November 2019

OUTCASTS – Exhibition at darc space, 3-18 July

OUTCASTS – a photographic exhibition of Handball Alleys: Architectural Outcasts is on view at darc space Gallery from 3-18 July as  part  of PhotoIreland  Festival.  The  exhibition  will  be  accompanied by architectural models of the alleys created by Peter Carroll of A2 Architects.

Paul McCarthy and Aoife  Murphy have  photographed the sites of handball  alleys (‘Pinniúr’ in Irish) throughout Ireland over the past number of years. There are estimated to be around 700 outdoor alleys in Ireland, though this number is in decline due to demolition.

“Any wall, any ball” was the traditional challenge to play handball against any flat vertical surface. It was originally played against the old walls of castles or churches. In the 19th century alleys (structures of one to four walls) began to be built for the purpose. It is still a popular indoor sport but until very recently, handball was a principle summer outdoor pastime. Players could arrive unannounced and wait their turn to play.  The informal organisation of the sport belied its fierce competitive, pugilistic character. The leather and wood ball used gave us the phrase ‘to play hard ball’. These alleys were at the centre of a democratic national sport of free association.

The project has different ideas behind it. On the one hand it documents social and architectural history and its  imprint  on  the  Irish  landscape.  Its  other  motivation  is  more  conceptual-by expressing their forms through  a  typological  series  of  photographs  we  come  to  look  at  these  structures  as  strangely  remote “anonymous sculptures”. They are now the remains and remnants of a passing period in Irish society. Their unprepossessing, starkly functional modernity and the austere appearance of their concrete construction seem to exclude them from what is generally considered to be Ireland’s architectural heritage. Though the alleys are authentically local to Ireland these concrete arenas remain dubious outcasts, edged out of our normal understanding of the vernacular.


Exhibition continues in until 18 July. Official Launch Party: Thursday 10th July at 6pm.

For more information contact the gallery at darc space Gallery, 26 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1, info@darcspace.ie, T 01 8788535

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