• Thursday , 14 November 2019

New Group Exhibition: Pabulum


Pabulum is a group exhibition of new works by architect and artist Colin Eaton and artists Mary de Blacam and Nuala O’Donovan, which runs at Locks Restaurant, Portobello, Dublin until 12 Aug.

In this exhibition, the second in Locks, Colin Eaton continues in his oeuvre of collage and mixed media expanding in terms of scale and form. Using paper-cut collage techniques to depict physical and psychological space, connections and disconnections, geometry and form the works tend towards figurative abstraction inhabiting a space somewhere between abstraction and representation.

A sense of physicality and materiality imparts tactile and emotional qualities. His work is graphically inspired and narrative driven. Using the language of colour, texture and composition within the genre of papercut collage he sets out to explore the potentially transformative space between the real, the manifest and the imagined. In the material sense the discarded becomes the celebrated. The micro particle the macro.


Colin Eaton’s works in this exhibition are concerned with depicting the built and natural environment and our effect on it whether in terms of construction or man-made processes.

De Blacam presents vivid acrylics and O’ Donovan’s intricate sculptural forms in porcelain are based on the patterns and geometry found in natural forms.  Her paintings come from recently inherited family photograph albums and explore the ways in which we try to represent ourselves and our lives in images presented to others.

The title of the exhibition Pabulum was chosen in response to the exhibition venue and its symbiosis of meaning ‘being something that nourishes an animal or vegetable organism; food, nutriment. Material for intellectual nourishment’.

Pabulum a group exhibition of work by Mary de Blacam, Colin Eaton and Nuala O’Donovan opened 18 June at Locks Restaurant, Portobello and continues until 12 August. enquiries@locksrestaurant.ie

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