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‘Performing Space’ – 9th October at Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin


9th October,
from 9:00am
at Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute
Trinity College Dublin 

Tickets: €15 | €14 for OAP/ Student/ Equity/ Unwaged | €12 Groups of 10 or more, you can Book HERE, by phone +353 1 677 8899 or in person at the festival box office: 44 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Performing Space: a Symposium on Theatre Design as part of theDublin Theatre Festival 2014

When we think of Irish theatre, a host of outstanding dramatists and plays come to mind. But what else has contributed to contemporary and historical Irish theatre? What about the designs, spaces, performances and audiences that together help to sculpt each production into being? The first symposium of its kind in Ireland, Performing Space brings together a range of theatre practitioners and scholars from Ireland and beyond to explore questions of stage design in particular, and what is known as ‘scenography’ in general. Co-organised by Siobhán O’Gorman and Noelia Ruiz, with Gail Weadick and Brian Singleton, this event examines the landscape of scenography in its evolution from past to contemporary applications.

Speakers include: Sodja Lotker, director of the Prague Quadrennial for Performance Design and Space; a roundtable of theatre practitioners, chaired by Irish Times theatre critic Peter Crawley; Aoife Monks, author of The Actor in Costume (2010)Anna McMullan, leader ofStaging Beckett project; a special guest panel encompassing members of Pan Pan TheatreChris Morash, co-author of Mapping Irish Theatre: Theories of Space and Place (2013); a roundtable of performers and performance designers; and many more Irish and international experts in theatre and performance design and space.

Performing Space offers a range of perspectives concerning past and present performance design, in addition to issues of space and place. Topics for discussion include: who contributes to theatre design and how is ‘scenography’ created? How do locations, landscapes and architectural structures relate to the meanings of theatre productions and performances? What do we know about design for performance historically and how might we continue to document this important aspect of theatre – as well as the achievements of those involved? What are the implications of light, sound, props, costuming, scenery and spatial organisation? Ongoing throughout the symposium will be an exhibition of iconic images from Pan Pan Theatre’s past productions.

Ticket price includes tea, lunch and wine reception, as well as entry into an exhibition on Pan Pan’s performance design, co-curated by Ros Kavanagh and Noelia Ruiz. Early booking is advised due to limited capacity.

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