• Tuesday , 12 November 2019

Schueco innovative facade at Montevetro Building


A major feature of the Montevetro Building is the impressive glazed façade from leading systems supplier, Schueco.

It was Schueco’s constant search for improvement and innovation that led to the creation of the UCC 65 SG customised façade, which is arguably the building’s defining architectural characteristic. This unitised modular façade system has the flush appearance of structural glazing while also offering impressive design flexibility and overall cost-effectiveness.

Importantly, it enables other façade materials, such as stone, rain screen and insulated panels, to be incorporated within the frame and the sealed envelope allows other trades to progress faster, leading to more streamlined and efficient installation and a shorter on-site programme.

Schueco’s expertise in developing new systems is actively facilitating the advances that will be needed to build the façades of the future. These will employ large-scale thermal and solar solutions with a view to making buildings more comfortable, user-friendly and energy-efficient.

An example of this forward-thinking approach can be found in Schueco’s Parametric Concept, a revolutionary advance that makes use of new geometric parameters, thus enabling the construction of excitingly dynamic 3D façades.


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