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Sliding Chapel


Project Name: Sliding Chapel.
Architect: Kieran Donnellan / MEDS 2018.
Completed: August, 2018
Project Location: Byblos Castle, Byblos, Lebannon.
Photographers: Conor De Burca and Kieran Donnellan.

Project Description

The chapel is an elegant slender form that appears to be sliding down a hillside. The energy of this apparent movement informs the materiality of the heavily charred exterior skin. The chapel’s function is to act as a non-denominational space for reflection. Upon entering the pavilion, visitors are offered a place to sit, where they are rewarded with a stunning sea-view. All of the wood used in the chapel is up-cycled. Most of it was in the form of shipping boxes that were dismantled. The burning technique used was the traditional Japanese shou-sugi-ban technique of tying three boards into a chimney and setting a fire at the base. It was built as part of the international design festival, MEDS, which took place outside of Europe for the first time this year.




Project Team
Pavilion Architect: Kieran Donnellan.
MEDS Workshop Co-Ordinator: Samer Hayek.
– Alberto Ibanes,
– Amber Goveas,
– Cynthia Antablian,
– Faustus Lasys,
– Gregorio Tomasillo,
– Hadir Hanna Mahmoud,
– Hassan Debes,
– Ioanna Maria Vemou,
– Magdalena Storozenko,
– Matthias Brenner,
– Rabia Hant,
– Roisin Leavey,
– Shpat Ademaj,
– Shqiprron Jusufi.

Office Website: http://kierandonnellan.blogspot.com/

The Sliding Chapel was part-sponsored by Clare County Council.



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