• Tuesday , 19 November 2019

St Martin’s Church Ideas Competition


A competitive challenge seeking practical, exciting and commercially viable ideas for the innovative reuse of St Martin’s church in Brighton.

Creative solutions are sought that will respect the integrity of this beautiful listed structure, while adding new life and economic sustainability.

A first prize of £10,000 and two runners up of £6,000 will be awarded for the best solutions.

The Project

St Martin’s church is an extraordinary building and it warrants a second lease of life. Given its location, its scale and its volume, it also has huge potential for redevelopment.This competition invites teams to think creatively about St Martin’s church and generate innovative but commercially sustainable new uses for this building, which is currently under used and in danger of falling into disrepair. Whist this is not a live project the competition hopes to bring forward solutions that could be implemented in the future.

The client, The Diocese of Chicester, supported by A better Brighton & Hove, is looking to design teams which can include investors, developers, or end-users, who can demonstrate a viable and practical scheme which is creative and will be the springboard to restoration of this building with huge potential. We are looking for practical regeneration solutions for this magnificent building.

Who Can Enter

Collaborations between Architects, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, End-Users and any other specialist with ideas to contribute are welcome.

Each team should include a registered architect supported by skills to demonstrate viability of ideas. There are no other restrictions on the composition of the team.


Teams intending to enter this competition are asked to register their intent by 5pm on Wednesday 12 September.

For further information about the project, competitors should visit the St Martin’s Church competition pages here


This competition seeks design ideas and will be held in two stages. At stage one competitors will be asked to submit 2 x A2 design boards along with brief explanatory text. Three teams will be shortlisted to stage 2 to develop their ideas further and to attend an interview with the Jury Panel.

The three shortlisted teams will each receive a monetary prize. The winning team will receive a prize of £10,000 and the two Runners-Up will receive £6,000 each.



17.00 – 12 September 2018     Deadline for Registration

13.00 – 17 September 2018     Deadline for Stage 1 submissions

09 October 2018                     Jury review submissions and select shortlist

15 October 2018                      Shortlisted teams notified and unsuccessful advised

29 October 2018                     Second stage brief issued

26 November 2018                 Deadline for Stage 2 submissions

19 December 2018                 Interviews with shortlisted teams

w/c 07 January 2018             Select and announce winner


Further information

This competition is being managed by Colander Associates and all enquiries should be addressed to stmartinschurch@colande.co.uk





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