• Tuesday , 19 November 2019

STEW – a platform for Students, Graduates and Architects in Ireland

Stew is a platform for Students, Graduates and Architectural practitioners in Ireland to network, skillshare and work together.

What is Stew

Stew arose out of a desire to collect a mixed pot of ideas and activities that could connect architecture graduates with both university and profession, while creating a platform to network, share and work. The three main stakeholders in stew are students, graduates and architects. Stew is a voluntarily run, non affiliated community, which should be beneficial to everyone involved.

Benefits to Student

– Learn skills which are necessary for the working world but not offered by university, making the student more employable.
– Practical advice in cv skills, portfolio workshops, jobs for year out, etc.
– Place to network with architects , designers graduates etc.
– Socially to keep in contact.

Benefit to Graduate

– Employment
– Keep in the loop with both University and the profession
– Access to network of key people within architecture and also other fields.
– Learn and share skills – computer programs etc.
– Provide a platform to arrange meetings / host workshops for peers
– Create a voice for architecture graduates in the no-man’s land between university and RIAI accreditation.
– Platform to apply for competitions
– Database of people at different stages in their career – advice etc.

Benefits to Architect

– Space to host / attend meetings, lectures re: building regulations, business skills, computer skills, CPD courses etc.
– Access to a pool of recent graduates with varied and specialised skills.
– Opportunity to keep in the loop with university and recent graduates.
– Part of an alternative voice for architects in Ireland.

What Next?

Stew is non profit and not operating as a business or charity. The idea for the future is to use ‘Stew’ as a banner head to organize events / projects underneath. Stew is effectively a tool to allow smaller groups arrange a meeting, host a talk, submit a competition entry, get advice, get a job, give a job, crit an idea etc.

Starting on the 31st of March are the weekly Monday evening meet ups. Themes for different weeks vary, starting with ‘presentation skills’. Other topics on the cards include a portfolio workshop, business skills, in-house competitions.
These talks should help to get a group together, get people talking, and see what can happen next.

For up-to-date info please follow STEW on Facebook and Twitter.

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