• Sunday , 8 December 2019

Swisspearl Collection: Transforming Exterior Facades

For more than 25 years the Swiss Research & Development teams have continuously expanded their unique expertise regarding core, coloration and application of high-end cement composite facade systems. These huge technological advances are the backbone of the Swiss quality.

 SWISSPEARL panels are produced in very modern, state of the art facilities in Niederurnen (Switzerland) and Vocklabruck (Austria) operated with low energy and high environment consciousness. They are manufactured from high quality Portland cement, synthetic fibres, cellulose materials and stable pigments, The proprietary processes pioneered by Switzerland with special surface finish, sealed edges and back coating ensure optimal behaviour and durability of the fully compressed panels. Millions of panels installed since 1985 throughout the world prove the outstanding, reliable long term quality of the cement core and coating.

 Eternit Switzerland is the only manufacturer which masters the highly demanding production processes for integrally coloured cement composite panels offered in such a wide colour variety yet ensuring high production hygiene and very low environmental impact.

For more information please contact info@swissfacades.com or see www.swissfacades.com.


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