• Friday , 15 November 2019

Vancouver: A Greenest City Strategy


The Irish Planning Institute and the Irish Green Building Council are delighted to hosting Councillor Andrea Reimer of the City of Vancouver to this free event with the kind sponsorship of the Canadian Embassy.

As deputy mayor, Cllr Andrea Reimer led the efforts to make Vancouver a global leader in environmental action which resulted in Vancouver being named the fourth greenest city on Earth in 2014. Vancouver also won the WGBC Public Sector Leadership in Green Building award in 2013.  For this presentation Cllr Andrea Reimer will detail how Vancouver’s city planners set about achieving their target to become the Greenest City on Earth.

The Vancouver plan has clear numerical goals set out under three broad categories: Zero Emissions, Zero waste and Healthy eco systems. The last of these includes access to nature, clean water and local food. Within these are a series of sub targets such as ensuring that 95% of citizens are within 5 minutes’ walk of green space. All new buildings are to be climate neutral by 2020 with an overall cut of 33% in the citizen’s ecological footprint by 2020.

Cllr Reimer’s presentation will be followed by a response from John O’Hara, Dublin City Council City Planning Officer on the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022 and its approach to a compact, quality, green, connected city.

This is a free event. Full agenda for the morning will be published in due course. To book a place click here.

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