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Wood Awards 2016

Layout 2Wood Awards Ireland (WAI) promotes wood as a sustainable material in innovative construction and design. Organised by the Wood Marketing Federation and supported by the RIAI, WAI rewards Irish architects, engineers, designers and wood workers for creating work in Ireland and overseas, incorporating wood as an inherent medium in their projects with the emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

Submissions are accepted from practitioners throughout Ireland- north and south- who use and specify wood as a renewable building and design material. The international dimension of the project is extremely important, do WAI is also open to Irish practitioners based overseas who complete projects for Irish and International markets. The categories are;

1. Large-scale buildings- open to public and commercial buildings, commissioned by public or private clients. Building projects such as schools and universities, hospitals, local government buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, libraries, and other buildings with public access will be accepted.

2.small-scale residential buildings- to include privately funded projects for private or community clients. Open to residential properties either new build or extensions.

3.restoration and conservation- open to public and private projects that emphasise the creative use of wood in conservation, restoration, renovation and repair.

4. Structural- entries accepted for structural projects including timber bridges, boardwalks, shelves, decking, staircases and other internal and external structural projects.

5.Furniture– projects will be accepted from designers, furniture makers and other woodworkers or collaborators between designers and makers. Entries accepted for:

  • Bespoke furniture- to include one-off pieces.
  • Production furniture- open to single or ensemble pieces, produced in commercial quantities.

6.Innovation and other-internal and external functional and non-functional works including:

a) Wood  Local- open to projects that source timber close to their enterprises providing employment and potential markets for timber in that area.

b) Wood Innovate-projects that explore new uses for wood in construction, design, renewable energy or other aspects of sustainable energy.

c)Woodwork- new and traditional wood usage and design using permanent or temporary works (garden, leisure buildings, playground features, craft, sculpture).

7.New Entrants– aimed at start up businesses or enterprises where wood is a major element.

8.International wood award– for the best international project under any of the above categories, supported by Enterprise Ireland.

Eligible projects must be completed during the period 3 May 2014 to 30 June 2016. Entries to be submitted by 28 July 2016. For further details and the entry form go to wood.ie


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